Nimbus' full brother, Oracle
(training level eventing)

Ulft (Le Mexico X Pericles XX) - Keur stallion, Nimbus's Sire



Le Mexico(Mexico X Brule Tout) - Ulft's Sire

E'Sop's Fable(by Le Mexico) -- Approved Stallion, High Jumped 6'6"

Dutchman (by Le Mexico)-- Approved Stallion, has 3 Approved sons


Fine Line (Ulft X Ramiro) -- Grand Prix Jumping


Dublin (Ulft X Lucky Boy XX) - Approved stallion, 4th level dressage, 2 Approved sons 

Caesar ( Ulft X Lorenz)(Dressage and CT, May 1997)- Grand Prix dressage,

USET Member North American Dressage Championships, US Olympic Festival competitor

Paela (Ulft X Calyso I) - 3rd Level Dressage as a 6 year old

Jamaica (by Ulft) - 4th level dressage

Disney (by Ulft) -- Grand Prix Dressage, US Olympic Festival competitor

Fairplay (Ulft X Fresco) - 4th Level Approved stallion

Olympic Ferro (Ulft X Farn) - Grand Prix Dressage, Olympics and World Championships

Metall (Ferro X Ramiro) - Approved stallion

Hilltop Rousseau (Ferro X Roemer)-Approved Stallion, silver medal
 World Championships for Young Horses

Kennedy (Ferro X Saluut) - Approved stallion, 4th Level Dressage

 Rhodium (Ferro - Ramiro) --  Approved Stallion

Pyriet (Ferro X Ramiro)-Approved stallion

Negro (Ferro X Varient)-Approved stallion, FEI Dressage

Madison (Fairplay X Calypso I) - Prix St Georges Dressage

Legend (Fairplay X Cynik XX) - winning at Training and First Levels as a 5 year old

Legacy (Fairplay X Cynik XX) - children's hunter/equitation

Wizard (Fairplay X Zauberklang)- 1st level dressage, Eventing

Novelty (Fairplay X Cynik XX)-4th level dressage, schooling FEI

Preview (Fairplay X Cynik XX) - winning Training level with Jr rider

Special D (Metall X Zandigo)- Approved stallion, winner Pavo Cup 2003

Spargo (Negro X Damocles)-Approved stallion


Flemmingh (Preferent Stallion)--  5  Approved sons

Flemmingh -  Jumping

Karona (by Flemmingh) -  Keur Mare and Nimbus' dam

Arona Keur Preferent

Krack C (by Flemmingh)-Approved stallion and Grand Prix
dressage and World Championships

Gestion Lingh (by Flemmingh) -- Grand Prix Dressage and World Cup

BeSe (by Flemmingh) Grand Prix Dressage

Lingh approved for breeding after 5 days in Ermelo

March 25, 2005

The stallion keuring committee approved the international dressage horse Lingh for KWPN breeding today. Lingh was at the KNHS centre in Ermelo for 5 days. Because of his performance record, only a short test of his stable manners was sufficient. Edward Gal picked up the stallion belonging Van Sadelhoff this afternoon


Juventus (Dublin X Principaal)- Approved stallion, FEI dressage