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Heather's Horses:

True Story was a 13H dark brown Welsh-cross mare. "Bubble" was a terrific teacher - very talented, but also quite challenging. At 13H she was one of very few ponies showing at the recognized dressage shows in the early 1980s. The highlight of her career was winning the US National Championships in Kansas City in 1984 at First Level Jr/YR - it was the last time these championships were held and it was a wonderful competition. After the championships, "Bubble" continued up the levels, competing through Prix St Georges. In addition to the dressage training, Bubble hunted (with exuberance), did jumpers and evented (she didn't like cross-country though!).


Limerick, a 15.2H Anglo-Trakehner mare by KarKas, was purchased as a 2 1/2 year old from Iron Spring Farm. A horse that taught me more than any others, Limerick was athletic and challenging, and had plenty of talent. We did Pony Club and a few hunter shows, but she didn't do well with other horses -- we got excused twice for bucking! Moving onto a Dressage career, Limerick won plenty in both the Open and the Jr/YR divisions and took me to the NAYRC twice, winning a team Bronze Medal. Along the way I earned the Bronze, Silver and Gold USDF Medals and finished with 5 successful seasons at Grand Prix. I retired Limerick sound at 15 years old because I wanted to breed her. She had 2 fillies and 2 colts, all by Fairplay. Her oldest son, "Novelty," will start the Prix St. Georges in 2005.


In Loving Memory

Sadly, Limerick passed away on January 1st, 2006. She came to us as a coming 3-year-old and was one of
Heather's first dressage horses. Limerick taught us a great deal and she will be forever in our hearts.

Caesar (Ulft X Lorenz) was purchased and imported from Holland as a just started 4 year old. Full of personality, as well as talent, Caesar was very successful as he moved up the levels. Caesar won the 4th Level Championship at Dressage at Devon. At Prix St Georges and Intermediare I, Caesar was on the Bronze Medal team at the US Olympic Festival in San Antonio, Texas. A very sound horse, Caesar had a long career at Grand Prix(10 seasons) with 6 CBLM Championships at Intermediare II, 3 at Grand Prix and 2 at Grand Prix Freestyle. Caesar was also on the USET team at the North American Dressage Championships. In 2008, at 24 years old, Caesar continues to work consistently and is totally sound and happy.  Although most of his work is now at 3rd Level or below, he still enjoys the occasional piaffe and passage!

Zauberelle proved once again that good things come in small packages. At only 14.3H, "Magic" won at some of the biggest shows on the East Coast - including Dressage at Saratoga, The Festival of Champions, the CBLM Championships, the USDF Region 1 Championships and Dressage at Devon. After a successful career at FEI, culminating by winning over $500 in her Grand Prix debut, "Magic" had 3 foals. Magic Moment and Wizard by Fairplay and Illusion by Incognito. Currently Magic is in the sport pony breeding program at Trevelyn Farm. 

FC Fantasy is a homebred mare foaled in 1989. She is an Anglo-Hanovarian out of "Dave's Result," a mare that I  bought  in foal to a TB for $300. I sold that foal and bred her to Flugzauber which resulted in Fantasy. Fantasy has had an extremely successful career which started by winning the Region 1 championships at Training Level as a 4 year old. While moving up the levels Fantasy was the 4th Level champion at Dressage At Devon, and was on the Gold Medal winning team twice for the Can Am Challenge (Festival of Champions and Dressage at Devon). Fantasy also qualified for the Olympic Festival as a 7 year old. At 10 years old she moved onto the Grand Prix. In 2002 Fantasy won the CBLM Championships at Intermediare II, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle. In 2004 Fantasy was 1st place USDF Allbreeds at Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle for both the AWS and the Purebred Hanovarian Society, she also won the Region 1 Championships at Grand Prix Freestyle. Along the way Fantasy had 2 fillies. Eskapade (by Eskapado) is doing the Hunters, and Integrity(by Incognito) is one that I kept and in 2008 made her Grand Prix debut with 61%. Fantasy had one colt, Fantom (by Nimbus), who will remain at Flying Change Farm and hopefully follow in his mothers hoofprints all the way to Grand Prix!

center F.C. Fantasy
clockwise from top: Heather & Fanny, Heather & Integrity and Fantom

Flying Change Farm's beloved homebred F.C. Fantasy passed away on May 27, 2008 following post surgical complications.  Fantasy, known fondly around the farm as Fanny, was foaled on the property in 1989.  She was an Anglo-Hanovarian out of "Dave's Result," a mare that Heather Mason had bought in foal to a Thoroughbred for $300 and then rebred to Flugzauber which resulted in Fantasy.  

Fantasy and Heather had a strong and unique bond that yielded an extremely successful career, which started by winning the Region 1 Championships and Bengt Linquist Memorial Championship in 1993 at First and Second Level Freestyle, as a 4 year old, and high score at that level in the Champioships' history.   To complete the year Fantasy won the prestigious USDF Horse of the Year Award at First Level in only four competitions.   While moving up the levels Fantasy was the 1994 4th Level Champion at Dressage At Devon, and was on the Gold Medal winning team twice for the Can Am Challenge (Festival of Champions and Dressage at Devon). Fantasy also qualified for the Olympic Festival as a 7 year old.   When she was 10 years old Heather began to compete her in the Grand Prix and in 2002 Fantasy won the CBLM Championships at Intermediare II, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle.  Her success continued in 2004 with 1st place USDF All Breed Awards at Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle for both the American Warmblood Society and the Purebred Hanovarian Society as well as  Region 1 GAIC Grand Prix Freestyle Championship.   

Fantasy's accomplishments and awards were numerous both in an out of the competition arena, but one her greatest success was being a wonderful mother.  She had 2 fillies and a colt, Eskapade (by Eskapado) was sold and is currently competing in the Hunters,. Integrity (by Incognito) preparing to compete in the Grand Prix, and Fantom (by Nimbus), a yearling, both of whom have remained with Heather.  

For the last 19 years family and friends of Fantasy have been blessed to know her dynamic personality.  She was a powerhouse in the competition arena, always giving 100% and full of heart.  Her kind eye and loving nature will forever be missed.

Another Story is a mare that I bought  from Huntington Farm as a just started 3 year old. She is a 15.3H Welsh Cob/TB mare. Her elegance and steadiness made her very successful in the show ring. She won the CBLM Championships at 1st,2nd and 4th level freestyles, as well as 4th level Open. "Story" also won the 4th Level Champion at Dressage at Devon after winning 3 classes. Story moved up to Prix St Georges and Intermediare I successfully before I made the decision to sell her as she was the perfect amateur horse - sensible, sweet and competitive.

Nimbus (Ulft X Flemmingh) was purchased as a just started 3 year old colt. With bloodlines that I had plenty of experience with(a half brother to Caesar), I felt confident that I could keep him a stallion and gain a lot of experience in handling and showing a stallion. Nimbus won both the USDF and the CBLM Training Level Championships as a 4 year old. As a 5 year old he won the USDF Region 1 championships at 1st level, 1st level freestyle and 2nd level and CBLM 1st level Championships. Moving up the levels, He won the CBLM Championships at 4th and 4th Level Freestyle and also the 4th Level USDF Region 1 Championship. At this point my focus became getting him Approved for breeding. His consistency at the shows made him very competitive at Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I where he earned the scores and placings that fulfilled the performance requirements for the ISR/Oldenburg NA. In 2004 he was presented for Approval and was given a Lifetime Breeding License. His first few foal crops are impressive, with every foal being an improvement on the mare. Addiction, his first colt, has been started under saddle and is showing true potential for the upper levels. In 2004, Nimbus was retired from competition due to a pasture injury, but he promises his babies will carry his name to the big shows

Integrity is a 1996 homebred mare out of FC Fantasy and by the Dutch Warmblood stallion Incognito. Probably the sweetest and most well adjusted horse there is, "Tally" has been both easy and fun to move up the levels. Tally won the CBLM Championships at Training Level and 1st Level Freestyle as a 4 year old, then went on to win the 2nd Level freestyle championship as a 5 year old. She also won both the 1st and 2nd level Freestyles at the USDF Region 1 Championships in 2001. Moving up the levels, Tally placed high at all the levels including Prix St. Georges, Intermediare 1 and Intermediare I Freestyle at both the USDF Region 1 Finals and the CBLM Championships. Tally made her debut at Grand Prix in 2008 with a 61%


Respekt (1998 Inspekteur X Elcaro) was purchased and imported from Holland as an unbroken 3 year old. His talent was obvious from the first day that I rode him as he is naturally well balanced and very elastic. Respekt was Training Level Horse of the Year as a 4 year old and also the CBLM and Region 1 championships at Training Level. In 2003 Respekt won the 1st Level and 1st Level Freestyle CBLM Championships. Moving to 2nd and 3rd levels in 2004, Respekt won the Championships at both levels as well as the freestyles at both levels at the USDF Region 1 Championships. He was also CBLM 3rd Level Freestyle Champion.In 2005 Respekt won the 4th Level CBLM Championship and the CBLM 4th Level Freestyle Championship, and won his first 3 Prix St Georges.  In 2008, Respekt had a very successful Grand Prix season including a Reserve Championship at the Region 1 Finals and a USDF median of over 66%. He was also Region 1 Champion at Intermediare II

Dark Raffaello ("Tex") is a 1995 Imported Hanoverian gelding by Dream Of Glory. Tex was supposed to be a resale horse but now has been added to my personal string of horses. Tex had a late start, but has plenty of talent and a super piaffe. In 2006, his first year competing,  he was CBLM Champion at 4th Level, and scored consistently 65-68% in the Prix St Georges. He was also ESDCTA Champion at FEI and 4th Level Freestyle. Tex had one successful season at Grand Prix, finishing the ESDCTA Champion at Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle, before we lost him due to illness.

Warsteiner is a 2003 dutch gelding (Riverman X Roemer) with a "look at me" attitude. In 2008, at 5 years old and with scores as high as 85%, he won 1st place in The USDF musical Freestyle Awards at both 1st and 2nd Levels, as well as the First Level Freestyle Challenge. "Warstie" also finished as USDF Horse of The Year at 1st Level with 76.881% as his median. At the Region 1 Championships he was Champion at 1st Level Freestyle and 2nd Level Freestyle, and Reserve Champion at 1st Level.

Addiction is Nimbus' first offspring. He is a 2005 dutch gelding (Nimbus X Carerra C). Just started under saddle in the fall of 2008, he shows plenty of potential and will start his show career in 2009

Fantom is Fantasy's final foal - a 2007 colt by Nimbus. Special in every way, I am hopeful he will follow in his mother's and sister's (Integrity) hoofprints and become one of my homebred Grand Prix mounts.

Urithmic Joins Heather's String

"Uri", an 8 year old Imported Dutch gelding by "Jazz", is already showing promise at the dressage shows. He has scored in the 70s at 1st, 2nd and 3rd Levels and is qualified for the CBLM Championships(2nd Level, 2nd Level Freestyle and 3rd Level). Although he arrived at the farm as a "project" horse, we are hoping he will make it all the way to Grand Prix like his sire.

Zar, a 17.1H 2004 KWPN gelding by Iroko, was purchased from Cornell university as a weanling. At 4 years old he was 2nd place Nationally for USDF at Training Level and 1st Place for KWPN. His first "serious" season of showing was 2011, where he finished USDF Horse of the Year at 3rd Level, 3rd Level Freestyle Challenge, 4th Level Freestyle and 4th Level Freestyle Challenge. He also won a 4th level class at Dressage at Devon with over 70% and was awarded the Hi Score US Bred horse there. He is one to watch in the future - tall, elegant, modern and extremely sweet.


Dressage & CT Cover

Dressage & CT, May 1997

In a 5 page article, Heather gives her views on doing dressage her own way!

Here is some BLM history for Heather Mason and Flying Change Farm:

Grand Prix

2012 Urithmic
2012 Warsteiner
2009 Respekt

Grand Prix Freestyle

2011 Respekt
2009 Respekt

Intermediare II

2009 Respekt

Training Level Champions:

2011 Nor'ee
2009 Roark

2004 Ramses
2002 Respekt
2000 Integrity
1999 Nimbus

1st Level Champions: 

2011 Nor'ee
2003 Respekt
2000 Nimbus

2nd Level Champions:

2000 Comandante Che

1st/2nd level Freestyle Champions:

2003 Respekt
2001  Integrity (2nd level)
2000 Integrity (1st level)
1996 Poet (1st level)
1995 Another Story (2nd level)
1994 Another Story(1st level)
1993 FC Fantasy

3rd Level Champions:

2011 Zar
2009 Warsteiner
1994 FC Fantasy

3rd Level Freestyle Champions:

2011 Zar
2009 Warsteiner

4th Level Champions:

2011 Zar
2006 Dark Raffaello

2005 Respekt
2001 Nimbus
1996 Another Story

4th Level Freestyle Champions:

2011 Zar
2004 Respekt

3rd/4th Level Freestyle Champions: 

2005 Respekt
2001 Nimbus
2000 Comandante Che
1996 Another Story
1994 FC Fantasy
1992 Zauberelle

Intermediare II Champions:

2009 Respekt
2002 FC Fantasy
2001 Caesar
2000 Caesar
1999 Caesar
1998 Caesar
1996 Caesar
1995 Caesar

Grand Prix Champions:  

2009 Respekt
2002 FC Fantasy
2001 Caesar
1997 Caesar
1995 Caesar

FEI Freestyle Champions:

1997 Caesar (Grand Prix)
1995 FC Fantasy (Int 1)

Grand Prix Freestyle Champions:

2009 Respekt
2002 FC Fantasy
2001 Caesar

Grand Prix horses trained and competed by Heather Mason:
Commandante Che
Dark Raffaelo
FC Fantasy




Heather's Grand Prix students:  

Alexandra Krossen on Integrity
Alexis Tozour on Liberty
Amy Gimbel on Ramazotti
June Brody on Majic
Amy Gimbel on Fredericka
Christy Stillwaugh on Cheif Speaker and L.A. Baltic Sundance
Jackie Greener on Mudd
June Brody on Majic
Robin Haase on Windkist on Fire
Laurie Leifer on Bravado
Wendy Garfinkel on Mrs Tex
Additional FEI Students:

Alexandra Krossen on Integrity
Alexis Tozour and Jack
Alexis Tozour and Don't Blink
Alexis Tozour
LA Baltic Rose
Amy Gimbel and Ramazotti
Amy Gimbel and Travolta M

Barbara Ebner and
Cara Tozour and Liberty

Diana Rucci and Paela

Darla Schwark on Erin O'Toole
Erika Olijslager and Ramazotti
Heidi Lemack and Depardieu
Jacqueline Greener and Mudzima
Jaclyn Sicoli on Figaro
June Brody on Heatwave
June Brody on Liberty
June Brody on Unette
June Brody on Upendor
Karloyn Ward and Heatwave
Mary Blackwell on Storytime
Melissa Van de Wal on Figaro

Meredith Whaley and Croquet
MerriLynn Griffin and Royal Viking
MerriLynn Griffin and Arie
Merrilyn Griffin on Epik
Sharon Rush and Zephyr 
Sharon Wiedmann and Shadow
Trisha Hessinger and Domingo

Victoria Brancoveanu and Luino

Click here for Mason Family Album!

Heather at Christmas, a few years back......

Heather's Granddad, Arthur Lambrecht was an avid horseman too!!


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