Contact Information

Flying Change Farm is located in Tewksbury NJ, just 20 minutes from the United States Equestrian Team headquarters. Our address is:

60 Sutton Road, Lebanon, NJ 08833

We can also be reached by voice at 908-797-2634, or by fax at 908-832-5279.

Electronic mail can be sent to us directly at: Flying Change Farm.

Name Title Responsibilities
Robert Mason Director & Secretary Financial Management
Phyllis Mason Chairman General Information, Directions, Rates
Heather Mason President & Head Instructor Training, Advanced Dressage Instruction, Clinics, Breeding Information
Wendi Freedman Farm Manager/Treasurer Clinics, Horses in for training, boarding, and shows
Rob Mason Web Master Web Designer
J Koellhoffer Web Administrator Web Maintenance (Hoof Prints Web Design)

Other Information

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Barn Animals

We have so many, they have their own page!