Breaking and Training

At Flying Change Farm we specialize in starting young horses under saddle. We suggest at least a 2 month starting period so that the horse is comfortable at walk, trot and canter under saddle. Some owners decide to leave their horses longer so their training can continue.  Proven successes:



In dressage there are certain givens. Everyone knows that you need to start an upper level dressage horse at around four years of age.  Chestnut mares are difficult and cranky.  School horses can’t be real champions because beginners will ruin their training.  To train a grand prix horse, you have to learn to ride on a schoolmaster.  Everyone knew this except Frederica… just Freddy to all her friends.  Freddy broke the mold.  She was as sweet as a sugar cube.  She could work as a walk-trot school horse all week, then go out and compete at the Grand Prix level on the weekend with Amy Gimbel. 

Freddy came to Flying Change as a pregnant eight-year-old brood mare, but her first foal, the beautiful black Onxy, was her last.  Having spent the first years of her life kicking up her heels in a paddock, no one really thought she was destined for the show ring.  But she was finally backed, and we discovered her wonderful riding temperament. 

Amy Gimbel was only twelve years old when she started taking riding lessons on Freddy. With Heather’s guidance, the two taught each other and all of us what it means to be steady and dedicated. Not a brilliant mover, Freddy tried so hard, and was so accurate in her tests, that she and Amy showed with distinction as part of the North American Young Riders Team.  Amy also won her USDF gold medal on this one of a kind mare.  After teaching many grateful riders so much, Freddy retired peacefully, and became the baby sitter for our blind mare Lilly.  Whoever she came in contact with experienced her loving nature. Freddy was buried on the top of the hill at Amy’s home next to FC Fantasy, another great chestnut mare, overlooking Flying Change Farm. There will never be another Freddy. 


FC Fantasy - Grand Prix Dressage, CBLM Champion Intermediare II, Grand Prix and Freestyle in 2002

Novelty - Prix St Georges

Respekt -  Grand Prix, scores to 72%

Integrity -Grand Prix debut - 61%

Trueman - 4th Level, owned and ridden by Cheryl Ash

Fredericka - Grand Prix, earned Amy Gimbel her USDF Gold Medal


Lando Beo - 2nd Level Dressage, Preliminary Horse Trials

Madison - Prix St Georges

 Paela -Intermediare I

Bouke R & Colleen Mitchell
2005 GAIC Training Level AA Champion, Winning at 1st Level and
Freestyle, scores to 84%
winning at 1st and 2nd Levels

Travolta M  - Prix St Georges

Tide Wave
Winning at Training Level - scores to 83%

Ramses  Training Level Champion CBLM Finals 2004. Currently competing 2nd Level.

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Mirage d'Esprit -- 4th place in his first Beginner Novice Horse Trial

Allegiance - USDF Resgion 1 Championships 2008 - Reserve Champion 1st level Freestyle, 5th at Training Level

Whind in the Willows - 3rd place Training Level Jr at ESDCTA Championships 2008

Valkyrie - 2008 1st place KWPN-NA 2nd Level AA, showing 3rd level

A Knight To Remember RAH - 2008 USDF Region 1 Champion at 2nd Level

Warsteiner - 2008 Horse of The Year at First Level, 1st Level Freestyle, 2nd Level Freestyle and 1st Level Freestyle Challenge

Epik - Prix St Georges

Della - 2008 3rd at Region 1 Championships 1st level Freestyle

Awesome 00S - 3rd Level scores to 65%

Zar - 2008 Horse Of the Year - 2nd Place at Training Level- 76.5% Median

Black Tye Affair - 2nd Level



 Breaking and Training

This is Alix, a two year-old being started under saddle by Heather Mason at Flying Change!!

Step 1

The first time Alix feels the weight of a rider, Bob is in the process of "bellying" where he will lay across the saddle while Alix is lead at a walk.

Step 2

After bellying, Alix is relaxed enough for the first mounting.

Step 3

We're on! Alix is very comfortable around people , so this was no big deal for him. He is lead at the walk while Bob teaches him gentle stop and turn cues.

Step 4

Step 5

Confident enough to be released on to the lunging circle, Alix now trots for the first time.

Step 6

Everything always gets done in both directions.

Alix is a well adjusted and happy youngster - just 15 minutes after his very first mounting experience, he is happily trotting around the indoor off the lunge line!

These are just a handful of the horses we have started. They are proven show horses, having had the correct foundation for a successful career.

Training horses accepted at all levels. All breeds welcome. For more information please contact Heather Mason or call 908.797.2634

ey are proven show horses, having had the correct foundation for a successful career.
Training horses accepted at all levels. All breeds welcome. For more information please contact Heather Mason or call 908.797.2634