Furry Friends




Here are some Furry Friends at Flying Change Farm, click here to see the whole family
Jasmine has arrived from Grand Cayman and has adapted very well to life on the Farm!


Cleo Comes Home
Cleo, a 2 year old Golden Retriever has settled right back at home and is seen
here sleeping with Rocky the Cat and Tempi the Shih-Tzu

In Loving Memory

May 3, 2006, Sadly, we lost Katie yesterday. Katie was 8 and had the perfect doggy life on the farm, doing exactly what she wanted and being thoroughly spoiled and loved by all.  She loved playing ball or frisbee, especially in the pool, and hanging out with her pal, Karrie. She was brave and uncomplaining, but she could not win her battle with cancer.  Her last day was spent peacefully being cuddled and  eating chicken livers, steak, chicken and puperoni. A heartfelt "Thank You" to all who were so kind to her throughout her life and especially during her illness. 
The Mason Family.


"Kali" Joins Flying Change Farm
"Kali,"  a 7 month old Golden Retriever puppy, is the newest addition to the farm. She has
already learned to be a pool dog and loves to play ball and even jumps off the diving board!

Cleo learns to be a Pool Dog!


Anyone who ever came to Flying Change Farm before she passed on, remembers the Golden Retriever waiting outside with a ball in her mouth, always eager for a game of fetch. Cricket added extra character to our little farm and made it fun for anyone to visit. You had to watch out when it was wet though, she liked to press wet balls against people to get them to throw them for her, and her nose height was just a little awkward.....here are some newer additions at Flying Change!

 Oreo Kitty!




                                       Flying Change buddies, Tempi the Shih-tzu and Magic the cat


And the newest additions:
These kittens have been adopted from the ASPCA and will be joining us at Flying Change Farm
 as soon as Bob and Phyllis return from Florida -- yes, the kittens get to fly in an
airplane on the way to their new home!
Rocky                      Biscuit