2006 Foals by Nimbus
Here are some of Nimbus' 2006 foals,
 check back for additions & updates!

October 2006 Update
Kilmore Sinead - "Gussie" (Nimbus X TB)
Some pictures of Nimbus' 2006 filly "Gussie" at the Oldenburg/ISR inspection where
 she was awarded Reserve Champion Filly and Premium!
July 2006 Updated & New foal photos!

Kilmore Sinead - "Gussie" (Nimbus X TB)
Congratulations to MaryAnn on the arrival of a beautiful chestnut filly by Nimbus!
This filly is offered at a pre-inspection price of $8,000

June 2006 foal update:
"Bokkus" (2006 Nimbus X Alma Aswad Muntaz) at 3 months

Bodacious Bokkus by Nimbus (May 2006)

Update: Benherr (Nimbus X Valkyrie) at 1 month

Brahm (Nimbus X Felicity) at 12 hours old
Congratulations to Colleen on the birth of this fancy chestnut colt by
Nimbus out of the Holsteiner mare Felicity.



Congratulations to Edwina and her Lusitano mare, Ssirena
 for having a chestnut colt by Nimbus on April 8th!

One month later.....

Congratulations to Netta and Nimbus for having a colt!
Carol Lulling's Appaloosa mare "Netta" had a bay colt, Rohan, on April 14th!

Colleen's KWPN mare, Valkyrie's Colt.
Ben was born on April 8th!



Bodacious Bokkus - 10 Days Old



Congratulations to Heatwave and Nimbus for a Filly!
June Brody's Heatwave (Dutch Warmblood), had a chestnut filly at 5:15am on March 20th.
This is Heatie's first foal after a Dressage career through Prix St Georges.

Bodacious Bokkus

2006 Nimbus X Alma Aswad Muntaz(Arabian) Colt Arrives! 
 Congratulations to Joanne and her Arab mare "Taz" on the arrival
 of Nimbus' first 2006 foal. The colt was born March 13th.